Thursday, April 14, 2016

Whole 30: This will probably be the way I eat for the rest of my life

I am pretty sure that this will be, more or less, the way that I eat for the rest of my life.  I feel fantastic and without following the strict letter of the law on this one I still lost another 8lbs.   The weight loss has been fantastic, but the overall feeling of health and well being has been even better.  

This past 30 days I went off diet Six times,  two slices of pizza that would have been wasted, once for an amazing Creme Brule, once for an ice cream  (it was small), an unbelievable tres leche cake, and a couple glasses of wine (they are grapes Right?) and the loaded cheeze bread in Port Jefferson New York was totally "NOT FAIR."   I also didn't concern myself as much as I did before with the oils that food was cooked in, butter as a cooking agent, bacon, and the oil for salads.   As things worked out during this whole 30 I ate out a lot, for at least 12 of the 30 days so I was really surprised at the weight loss.

All in all I think what started out as an experiment will end up being more permanent.   I am going to see what happens over the next two weeks to see what comes of it. I had pizza this evening (sure to regret it) and I want CAKE! but  other than the occasional social events I am going to do my best to keep on the program.  I can't think of a downside other than it takes a little more "thinking" to figure out what I am going to eat.

The next two weeks or so will be telling.  If my weight bumps up even a little,  I will go back to being strict about it,  if the stress returns to my shoulders, I will go back on it,  if I find that I am angry at stupid things I will go back on it. Right now I want CAKE!  But I had pizza instead.  It wasn't that good.  Over the next few weeks I am going to use up some of the stuff that is borderline (like chili and some of my soups)  and not replace them.   I am going to continue to call candy bars and pop "poison."

All things in moderation but I know that I will never have high fructose corn syrup ever again if I can help it. Corn will never be back in my diet no matter what, popcorn is also a goner.  I think I am also done with pop except for a rare exception.  I am done with Ketchup and BBQ sauce and done with coffee creamers.  When I can find alternatives I will take them but so far its been fun cooking "healthy" and it has been an amazing ride watching myself get skinnier.  Would like to see if I can drop 13 more lbs to get where I was when I finished my first year of college (I was 145lbs when I finished High School so I am not going to try that.)   Diet has been all that I have done so far,  if I hit a plateau I will go back to being super careful, watch the calories and maybe (he types with a shudder) exercise.

If you want to challenge yourself I highly recommend the whole 30 program.  I know you love beer,  I know you love CAKE!  I know that you can't live without your double frappa-mocha-creamsicle-whipcream-dairy-delight Starbucks, I LOVE RUM!  But give yourself 30 days, a real 30 days where you do not cheat.   Follow the program as outlined at  and stick to it.   I would not have believed it.   It's free. No calorie counting, you can eat potatoes and meat and other carbs.  I am not a spokesperson for the company, just someone who was happy to have found it.

I know you once told yourself "I would do anything to lose weight and feel better (except eat right and exercise)"  The "eat right" in this program is easy, eat what they tell you, as much as you want.  And I lost 26 lbs without any added exercise.    I will let you know how the journey goes from here.

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