Friday, September 14, 2018

Today I reach a half century.. I am now 50 years old!
Reflecting back, I really never expected to be where I am. Inspiration to others, business owner, Father of amazing twins, spouse to an incredible woman, kind of a big deal to my dogs, tortoise, turtles and fishes, and friend to many amazing people. 
Most of my friends who are here on Facebook, and outside in the real world, have spent a good portion of their lives or more in my acquaintance (I am sorry). You have all impressed me in your accomplishments, the posts and pictures here and other places, and most of all, the importance you put on our friendship. You are all amazing people, the world (my world) is better because of you.
Those of you who follow me here and on other sites, come into my life regularly... those of you take time to see what I find important day to day, see what my life is bringing and reach out to comment and support... your interactions are truly those inspirations that I cherish.
Stepping it up a notch, many of you in my life make sure we meet up every time we are within shouting distance, allowing us to continue our conversations as if we never parted. My world is the best because you are amazing motivators and role models. Your presence in my life is one of my prime reasons for doing what I do each day. Every time you are around, you brighten my day. Thank you for the support you bring to me and my family. My life is amazing because of you and people like you. One of my life goals is to make sure you all meet each other.
Some of you are true superheros in my life. You are those friends and family who are my brothers and sisters. You are the ones who would travel to the ends of the earth for me (or make arrangements for someone else to help,) It is no big deal to show up at my bedside when tragedy strikes, drive to Montana because my car broke, stand by me when I cry, call to make sure I am ok, and to be there at the most impossible moments. You are my most cherished companions in my life. You make sure everything I hold dear survives tragedy unscathed or at the very least, fixable. You are my world. Please do not take my gratitude lightly. While I have a lot of supporters and friends who are amazing, they are in your shadow. You are my friends, you are my world. You fit into every aspect I describe above, you are loved by me and my grateful family!
As you may already be aware, scuba diving is my life and it has been for nearly 40 years. My first joy is diving with my family. Their confidence in my ability and their future comfort, comes from each and every one of you who make sure the checklists are complete, the plan is made and double check and triple check to make sure we can do "it" again. I dive with amazing people...(you are probably one of them)...who support me and my family and allow me to continue the lifestyle of my dreams. I hope you are getting as much out of our relationship as I am.
In closing, I want to memorialize my half century birthday by to acknowledging that you are truly amazing people. You are awesome. (especially if you read this far down or commented.) You are my friends who find joy in being in the same room with me, sharing a meal or drink with me, having a discussion... regardless of the circumstances. When we are together we find each other trading hugs instead of handshakes... planning future adventures together... reaching out and keeping close... love and understanding always and devotion in kind. Please know that you are the reason that I want to walk this earth another 50 or so years. Thank you for your part in my journey.
If you have read this far down my long soliloquy for my birthday you could probably qualify as family... if you are not family and you read this far, the Pope is considering your canonization. Thank you for your part in my life... anything that is mine to give is yours. Please take some time, for me, on my fiftieth birthday, to love others as close to you as much you love me. I look forward to our next meeting, our next dive together, our next discussion, and... most importantly, to the next half century.