Monday, February 11, 2019

I saw a post today from a friend about the difference between going out in the snow and going out in the snow with the proper exposure protection and it struck me as related to scuba diving here in Michigan and in all Seasons.

There are people who love the snow in the winter when properly attired... they love playing in it, walking in it, skiing in it and often comment about how beautiful everything looks covered in snow.

There are also people who go outside in flip flops, take the trash out in their pjs, try to wear dress shoes this time of year, and spend their time shivering and bitching about the snow. 

If you dress for it, cold water diving is everything you got into diving for... epic visibility, fantastic sights and vistas, little or no crowds, and the awesome possibility that you will get to see something few ever experience.

Dress for it and it fantastic, try to do it without the proper exposure protection and you will not enjoy it as much.  I am an expert in cold water diving and my dive shop, Divers Incorporated, can help you get the most out of your sport.

It is not cold water that you should be concerned about, it is being cold. Let's go diving!

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