Sunday, May 8, 2016

Making the most of my time - Delving into the complexities of the World Wide Web

I will admit it.   When it comes to all things related to the world wide web, its complexities are lost on me most of the time.   I have a rudimentary understanding and some fantastic support people, but the world of the web scares me while at the same time fascinates me.   I want to support my business best, myself at times and if you know how to work it, the WWW promises both.  You can obtain information about everything from the grotesque to the beautiful, from the benign to the malignant, from the sane to the psychopathic.  For something that is just coding and numbers it is pretty downright amazing.

Rich is up working late
All I wanted to do was link a blog to a website. After about 8 hours and a whole mess of heading down the wrong paths I did it.  I have built it, but will they come.

This one is an experiment to see if I can make something work on a website that, if I have to shut it off, would not affect my business in any way.  Do this to or and it could have everlasting effects on the way things work for me. Lets just say that while I know what I know, I am painfully aware of what I don't know. The amazing part is the community of friends that I have who would be willing to help me out should I completely put myself on the beach so to speak.

While I have been doing the whole scuba business thing for about 30 years it is not as simple as it once was.  As far as the diving industry is concerned I am way ahead of the curve.  As far as the potential something like this has, the stress of making a blog with real content is as daunting as my first podcast.

We shall see how it goes.

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